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OCD Management Workshop

Barriers to OCD treatment

OCD is treated using very effective treatment methods typically administered by a specialized and trained therapist. This is good news for those who have access to therapy and a therapist specializing in the treatment of OCD. However, not everyone is ready for therapy, has access to therapy, or prefers this model of ODC management. There is also a pool of individuals who are not the individuals diagnosed with OCD but are loved ones of an individual dealing with a diagnosis of OCD. So, where do these people go for support other than therapy? If you are one of these individuals, you may be facing barriers such as limited specialists in your area, long wait lists, lack of community resources, and limited professional resources accessible online, leaving you reading about testimonials and personal experiences of strangers as a form of OCD education.

OCD online resources

These barriers can be addressed when specialized therapists create accessible online treatment and education options for individuals with an OCD diagnosis and their loved ones. In response to these barriers, I have taken my treatment approaches and OCD education and created an online OCD Management Workshop for those diagnosed with OCD, families, and professionals. Not everyone can or wants to choose therapy right now, but a self-paced workshop can be a great option to have available for various circumstances.

Self-help for OCD isn’t a popular option because it isn’t a popularly available option due to the lack of professional material accessible online. This is why it is important to add professional voices to the limited OCD resources online. Typically, individuals searching for resources online are those who are ready for symptom relief and an understanding of their OCD now. The OCD Management Workshop addresses these gaps and provides immediate options.

OCD education and training

An online workshop is beneficial not only for those experiencing OCD but for those wanting to gain knowledge in treating OCD, such as therapists, doctors, teachers, etc. It is also beneficial for family members wanting to help loved ones with their treatment journey to have access to this knowledge and what treatment can look like.

OCD management workshop

The OCD Management Workshop is a 5-part workshop that can be completed in one sitting or preferably over a span of 5 days. This workshop covers the same material and tools that an OCD-specialized therapist would use to treat OCD in 5-12 therapy sessions. The difference between therapy and this workshop is the pace and independence of symptom management and accessibility. A workshop does not replace therapy but is a great option for those facing barriers to therapy and access to professional resources.


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