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5 Reasons to try Online Therapy

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Is it going to stick around? Keep reading to see why we think it could be a good option for you!

Nisha Kuyvenhoven


Online Therapy was slowly beginning to take shape in recent years which was then catapulted by the onset of the worldwide Pandemic in 2019. Due to it becoming the "norm" quite abruptly, this has left many of us feeling strongly about whether we prefer online or in-person therapy. Not only did the sudden change result in many instances of trial and error on both the therapist's and the client's end, but it also left a bad taste in our mouths because many of us were forced to choose online therapy rather than our usual in-person services.

Online Therapy was always in the picture and was slowly becoming a more prevalent option for many of us to choose. Personally, I used to enjoy driving to my therapist's office, making an event out of it such as doing my hair and makeup and grabbing a nice hot coffee. I would often find that that's typically the way I used to look at my therapy sessions; like it was an "event" or "outing". When the Pandemic forced me to only be able to see my therapist online I felt a little disappointed that my outings would not be happening anymore because I honestly didn't have much else going on socially at the time. This made me really think about what it was that I was doing in therapy and what I was truly getting out of it.

The benefits of online therapy

What I realized when I began online therapy was that I started to take my mental health seriously. This is when I made big changes in being able to have appropriate content to discuss in therapy, get the support I needed and be able to implement ongoing change after the sessions. There is just something different about having the space to talk about your life and mental health when you are in your own environment where you typically experience your triggers and lows. I now know that when I used to make an event around going to see my therapist, I was presenting a "better" version of myself to my therapist which had me feeling great in the therapy session. I would feel this way because I was away from my own environment and was able to cope in that 1-hour session. My therapist would then give me validation for how great I am doing and then I would continue this cycle of presenting well in therapy.

With online therapy, both my therapist and I got to know my real struggles and a different version of me that didn't get all dolled up and excited to go and hang out with my therapist. This version of me would sometimes be in my pajamas, not wearing makeup and just being my authentic self.

This led to productive therapy sessions, something I really hadn't experienced before.

5 reasons to start online therapy

[1] You Are In Your Own Environment.

Being in your own environment can result in you being more in tune with your struggles, triggers, mental health concerns, and personal goals. Being in your own environment also gives you a sense of control that perhaps you don't experience in a therapy office. Need a tissue? Now you don't have to wait for your therapist to notice and pass you a box of Kleenex.

[2] Access to therapy is easier.

You can book sessions with your therapist without worrying about commute time, travel expenses, or timing out other obligations. Does your therapy session start at 10 am? Imagine only having to spare that hour and nothing else!

On another note, therapists' evening sessions usually get full fast. So if you are at work during the day you could conveniently have a therapy session on your lunch break! For some of us, we could even fit in a session before work!

[3] You get to choose your safe space.

You get to choose if you are going to have your therapy session at home, outside, at a coffee shop, on a walk, or in your car! If you struggle to open up in therapy, some of these options might help you feel less intimidated or uncomfortable.

[4] Values of online therapy.

You might be thinking 'well yeah that's great, but I want my money's worth'. Online therapy has the potential to facilitate a therapeutic relationship quicker and saves you time when looking around for the right therapist. You could book 5 therapy consultations on the same day and not have to leave your house, fill your car up with gas, figure out google maps, and...don't get me started on parking.

[5] Online therapy is effective.

You are more likely to see results with Online Therapy because it is more accessible, making it more likely that you will continue with therapy and make it a habit.

What are your thoughts about Online Therapy?

Nisha Kuyvenhoven



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